Do you need a pool fencing inspection for your property?

Regardless of, whether you’re a landlord, tenant, private homeowner, strata company, or body corporate, it is crucial to ensure the safety of the pool area on your property for all occupants and visitors. This knowledge is especially important when buying or selling a residential property. Considering the upcoming implementation of new pool fencing laws in VIC, it becomes even more critical to guarantee the safety and compliance of your pool fence.
Why need a pool inspection report

We offer pool fencing inspection services to ensure the safety of residential properties. These inspections aim to prevent injuries and fatalities related to pools. You can add our pool fencing inspection as an extra feature to a building or property safety inspection report for it as a standalone service. With our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool area is secure for everyone on the property, including occupants and visitors.

What will be in a pool fencing inspection?

Our pool fencing inspection service encompasses a thorough examination of the entire pool barrier, including pool fencing, perimeter/barrier fencing, gates, adjoining buildings, associated windows, and door sets. The inspection also extends to assessing the immediate surroundings of the pool barrier.

Typically, our pool fencing inspection service includes:

  • Evaluating the compliance of the pool barrier with Victorian Standards.
  • Inspect doors and windows of any relevant buildings that are part of or contribute to the pool barrier.
  • Verifying the reliability of the pool fencing’s design and construction.
  • Identifying any objects in the vicinity of the pool area that may hinder the functionality or effectiveness of the pool barrier.
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